Thursday, March 8, 2018

Alliance and municipal staff train on website development

Mr. Noor Saada, training coach, explains to the participants the free online system.
Zamboanga City - Selected municipal staff from Western Basilan Alliance (WBA) and alliance management office commences today for a 3-day training on website development. 

Last January 2018, 2 AMO staff were trained on website development using free online service ( As part of the training process, trainees created/activated their Gmail accounts, they were introduced to, reviewed functionalities and did practical exercises leading to the creation of the WBA website - The WBA site was made known to concerned municipalities and among the latter expressed interest to join the next training so that they can also have a web presence and advocacy for their respective LGU. 

In this 3-day training, the AMO and MILAB staff were coached to update the website by publishing new articles regarding their recent activities and supplement all necessary information. The WBA Municipal Information Officers (MIOs) were introduced on how to use the free blogger system, review functionalities and undertaken practical exercises, including website creation. Prior to the training, they were asked to bring their respective material to supply their created website.

Khamar A. Arajul of Maluso finds it exciting to learn new things. Lennie Handang, Municipal Tourism Officer of Sumisip views a lot of culture and tourism-related information she can share to wider audience; and feedback to her superiors what she have learned here.

Engr. Shamier K. Jakiram of Hji. Muhtamad expresses his full support and that he learned a lot; while Roseller F. Inclan II of Tabuan Lasa is grateful for the added learning.

AMO staff Almani thought website development is difficult; however, after two immersions he learned a lot about functionalities, is becoming more confident and is now ready to man the AMO website. Another AMO staff Amineth Calaton appreciates the deeper immersion and was able to refresh the first learning and good experience writing news article.  

The AECID-funded MILAB Project is being implemented by the Institute of Autonomy and Governance (IAG) with the Zamboanga-Basilan Integrated Development Alliance (ZABIDA) as the local NGO partner.  (Amineth Calaton/AMO)

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  1. In behalf of Hadji Muhtamad Municipality (Pearl Islands of Asia), Assalamualaikum!
    Thanks a lot Sir Noor and to your staff for sharing your knowledge in website/blogger.

    "Training is creating new knowledge"