Online Generic Resources
Dedicatoria, Ranell Martin & Pamela Cabacungan. Inter-local Cooperation in thePhilippines. ICLEI Southeast Asia Secretariat.

__________________. (2010). Cooperation in Action: Lessons from the 2nd Inter-LocalGovernment Units Alliances Summit. EU GIZ CIDA PDF

__________________. (2010). Critical Ingredients in Building and Sustaining Inter-Local Cooperation. GTZ BMZ EU CIDA
__________________. General Course on Inter-Local Cooperation. AeLSNet Learning Resource Centre (www.aelsnet.net)

Natad, Johnny. (2011). Alliances of Local Governments in the Philippines.

Thematic Resources (Fishery Management)
Garces, Len & Maripaz Perez. (2015). Strengthening Governance Partnershipsat the Local Level and ImprovingFisheries Management: Case Studyfrom Northern Mindanao, Philippines. World Fish

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