“Peaceful and prosperous Western Basilan founded on good governance and sustainable economy.”

Shared Values
  1. Consultation (Shura) - Broader participation and ownership 
  2. Stewardship (Khilafah) - Leadership that serves and delivers 
  3. Pluralism (Ta’adudiyyah) - Inclusion and diversity 
  4. Compassion (Rahmah) and Justice (Adalah) - United by love of God and neighbors, being fair and equitable.
  1. Geography: Western municipalities share common coasts. 
  2. Economy: There is existing 5-municipality trading network; Maluso, the area center also attracts traders and consumers from Tongkil, Sulu. 
  3. Diversity: Western municipalities have multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-religious communities and social cohesion is part of daily life. 
  4. Security: Relative free from violent extremism.
Standard for Excellence
Pursue compliance with appropriate seals of good LGU governance

Alliance Modals
WBA is both vertical and horizontal. Horizontally, it is a cooperation of five (5) municipalities and vertically, it is a cooperation among municipal, provincial and regional governments.

WBA Steering Committee

Honorable Hadjiman "Jim" Hataman-Salliman
Provincial Governor, Basilan
Website - http://www.basilan.gov.ph/basilan/

Honorable Jamal Mansul 
Mayor, Hadji Muhtamad Municipality

Honorable Rustam Ismael 
Mayor, Lantawan Municipality

Honorable Hanie Bud
Mayor, Maluso Municipality

Honorable Gulam Hataman
Mayor, Sumisip Municipality

Honorable Muctar Junaid
Mayor, Tabuan Lasa Municipality

WBA Alliance Management Office

Mary Amineth M. Calaton
Management Staff

Almani Adam
Management Staff

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